Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stubborn at 9 months

After 1 hour of standing up in her crib- not crying just standing, this is how she finally fell asleep. Looks comfy huh? Needless to say, we gat a 30 minute nap.

Boys Only

This was a boys only quad riding campout!! No girls allowed!! What a great time they had!!

Rich, Logan and Carson, Sean and his dad and Trevor, and Tracy and Hunter, went camping this past weekend, I hear there was fun times, rough terrain, and minor accidents. They were sure tired when they got home!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Carson has become a little obsessed with quads. Whenever Rich is home (which is not often these days, long shifts, overtime, you know.) and Carson starts to fall asleep at 5:00p.m., I start panicing so he'll ask him if he wants to see if the quads still work. So he takes him out and has him start them up, he is becoming quite the pro. It's so cute! I knew he liked them but when he started praying for them in his prayers at night, I knew he became obsessed, he says, "and please help the quads to work." I have to try so hard not to crack up laughin, and I don't have the heart to tell him that his Dad is just trying to keep him awake, and also that the Lord doesn't probably care if the quads actually work.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well I finally got Rich to unload the camera from this summer........a man job in my book, I should have him teach me, but everyone needs to be needed, right? The boys, (Rich and Logan) went on a 50 mile hike with the scouts!! They love that kind of thing, hiking is one thing, but 50 miles sounds like torture to me!! They survived, and what an acomplishment.
We had our anual week long camping trip with family and great friends, real camping, none of this campground thing. We drive off road, about 23 miles to get to "our spot." Rich found the greatest place a few years ago, we usually don't see another person, it's great!! We take quads up, and it is our favorite thing to do with our kids. They love no chores, riding, and getting dirty, no baths, lots of snacking, great meals, and GREAT company! It's surprising, but they never get bored. They run and play all day. I love it because I sit around all day and rarely get up. Ivy did really well, she wasn't crawling yet, and was quite content sitting on my lap, or in her bumbo seat. She slept great, too! She has her dad's heart, and she loved rocking on the hammock with him. He is always so great with the kids...especially the babies.