Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Binkie swapping

Ivy is constantly swapping Ashton binkies, it's hysterical. He seems to usually have some girlie, flowery binkie in, and miss Ivy has the boy one. Whatever, at least he matches!! When she is done with the one in her mouth she shoves it back in his mouth. I guess if one is going to get sick, the other will be sure to follow. Luckily that hasn't happened ........yet!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Freedom at last!

After 8 long weeks of no driving, being at the mercy of great family and friends, I self diagnosed that the boot has to come off, legal or not (by the Dr.), I drove today to my favorite place, TARGET. Carson thought it was so great that I was driving, and he didn't complain about the popcorn either! I actually got to use my double stroller that has been in the back of my car. Let's hope tomorrow at my Dr. appointment that he will give the approval, cuz I am done, Oh to wear matching shoes again. I know it will be a long recovery to normalcy, but every step is amazing. I really have taken for granted simple every day things like walking!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ashton's blessing day

Ashton was blessed at church yesterday by his
wonderful daddy. What a sweet, and special
blessing! We had a spaghetti dinner afterwards
at our home with wonderful family. It was so
nice, everyone pitched in and worked together
and helped me so much! We have really been
blessed with wonderful family and appreciate all
their love and support! We are so grateful for Ashton and his sweet little spirit in our home.
He has brought great joy in our lives!