Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy B-day Syd

Sydney is such a sweetie, and so special in our family. She is quite the teaser, and is very silly at times. When she was little, she always wanted to be in a fancy dress, and digging in the dirt, making potions, and catching bugs; strange combination, but her. She at just barely 9 months never took a nap again. She was up at 7 and up till 11, no prob. She wasn't grumpy, just very, VERY busy. She was quite the climber, and would get into EVERYTHING. She exhausted all my patience. I knew she was just curious, not noddy! (that came later);) She at just barely over a year could climb like you wouldn't believe. She could climb in and out of her crib, we finally said what's the point? She loved her binkies, and always had 1 and usually had another in her hand or in sight. She is a great student, and has some really nice friends that she likes to play with. She loves riding her ripstick that she got for her birthday, and is very good at it. I love you Sydney, and especially love your laugh, it's contagious! On her birthday, I made the obligatory cake, almost gagging at the thought of another treat, with so many goodies on the kitchen counter. She loves it though, as we all do on our birthday. I hope you had a great B-day Syd!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

good list?

Christmas morning was so wonderful! All the kids were happy. After a bit I asked Carson if he had fun, he said "Yes, I love Christmas," I told him I do too. I said, "did you like all your presents?" He said "yes!!!! but I thought I was on the naughty list":) I tried not too laugh and asked him if he was naughty, and he said, kinda. I told him that maybe Santa just knew he would be better next year;) What a sweetie!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Paij!

Paij turned 11 on Monday the 16th. Where has the time gone? I still remember her entrance into the world, such a unique delivery! She has been such a joy in our family. She is such a great helper with the little ones, and is a fun person to be around and to talk to. She is one of my best friends! She is cheerful and very smiley! She is very grown-up for her age, and seems to have her head on straight, and wants to be obedient! I can always count on her to get up on time, by herself, get her chores done and be ready on time, everyday! She has gotten very good at doing her hair by herself and always looks darling! She has started getting quite fashionable and is loving cute clothes. This is the best part about having daughters, they love to go shopping. She is all about a bargain, I guess she learned something from watching me. Just before her b-day, she got to have her annual spend the night with Grandie and Papa. They went to Sweet Tomatoes and went shopping at Kohls, picked out some adorable shirts, on clearance, and rented the movie Bride Wars, and picked out her cereal, Cookie Crisp, yum! I absolutely LOVE that my parents do this, the kids look SO forward to it! We love our sweet Paij and hope that she knows that she is so special to us, that we only want what is best for her. We will always be there for her, ALWAYS, and that her Heavenly Father loves her too! I hope you had a great birthday Paij!

Ashton's 4 1/2 month check up

Well just as I thought, Ashton is BIG especially for 1 of our babies. He was 17 1/2 pounds and 27 1/2 inches long. He is in the 95% for height, and 75% for weight and his head circumference. Wow, maybe he will be TALL! He had an ear infection though, I felt so bad that I had no idea, he has had no fever, a little bit irritable, but he also was cutting 2 teeth. He got 4 shots, and hardly cried at all.
Paij went for a well check today at the same time. She was in the 35 % for height, and 50% for weight. Dr. Jones said she hasn't hit her growth spurt yet, we can cross our fingers, she has to make it to at least 5 foot. He said not to worry! She had to get 6 shots, she was terrified. She got the regular 11 year old shots, the H1N1 and regular flu, her arms are sore! Our Dr. is so great, I completely trust him and value his opinion 100%. That is a nice feeling!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

too big too soon!!!!

Ashton is growing too fast! He cut 2 teeth this week. He is such a good, mild mannered baby. He already acts like he wants to roll over! I want him to stay little longer!

random cuteness

Ivy is just so stinkin' cute! I love to capture moments like this. She is so full of personality. Over October break she was sick, and wanted lots of holding. She was sitting on the counter by me, while I cooked, and she grabbed the ripped wrapper of something and made a mustache; I can't figure out if she was sick of her nose running, sick of me wiping it, or just being silly, whatever the reason it made me smile!

We went to the zoo on Sept. 30th with Tracy, Caleb, Bethany, Brooke, Kael, Carson, Ivy, and Ashton. In Sept. with your Fry's card you got in free. SCORE! We had fun, ate a picnic lunch and let the kids see all the animals, they all were out, SCORE again!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Harbertson's ward carnival

We went to the annual 6th ward carnival, the kids love it so much. This year we brought along our neighbor Caroline, who we love. Ivy was a cheerleader, Carson a baseball player, Syd miss America, Paij, the homecoming Queen, Caroline was Cruela Devil sp? Ashton was a baby, haha! (I can get away with it this year!) My parents were in charge of the party this year, and were a crackup, hippies! The kids love the cotton candy the most, it's their fav. There is also fresh popped popcorn, and a chili cook off, a pie eating contest and lots of games and even horse rides. I couldn't believe Ivy did both the face painting and got on the horse, anyone that knows our kids know they really don't like having anything to do with strangers, very shocking she let a stranger pick her up and put her on the horse! I'm kinds bummed that the pictures didn't turn out better, night and the flash and kids moving, oh well! We had a blast and can't wait till next year!

carving pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins this year was fun!! Rich took the kids to pick out their own pumpkin this year, usually we do 1 bigger one, but we thought it would be fun this year to let them do their own. I gave the little ones baths while he took them. (I had to do Ivy's hair for pictures though), silly I know! We had roasted pumpkin seeds, thanks to Logan who did all the work, they were super Yummy! They turned out really cute, what a fun family home evening! It is pretty funny though, our pumpkins because the porch gets sun all day, get all sunken in and they look more scary after they bake in the sun, gotta love Arizona!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My 2 Babies

Ivy and Ashton..... he is a very tolerant baby!!!! I hope they will be the best buddies!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

We took the kids camping in Sept. It was really fun, I was kind of surprised how much I enjoyed it, since no one else could go up that weekend with us. I really enjoyed being with Rich and the kids, just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful forest. We never go by ourselves, we always love to go with family, and/or friends. I even got to ride the quads this time, last time was a bummer, I was glad not to be "broken" this time. In fact it made lots of things much easier!! Syd and I played chinese jumprope, I forgot how fun that is! Rich is so awesome, he always thinks of fun things to do with the kids, he is the greatest dad ever! Our kids really love to watch Survivor man on Discovery Channel. They decided to make a "survivor man" shelter, they had so much fun doing it. It looked so AWESOME! It was fun to see them all work together. About a month later, Sean and Tracy went there and saw it, they told us someone had been there and built something there, little did they know it was just us! Sydney found a really cool stick that she thought looked like a torch and was convinced if she could just light it we could put it next to our tent and have light all night. I think she was pretty disappointed that she barely got it to stay lit for a picture, adorable!