Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poor baby!

Ashton fractured his collerbone. I felt so bad for him. He fell off me and Rich's bed when I was helping Paij redo her jewelry box. He sleeps on our bed often, and still does, just a crazy thing. I couldn't figure out where he was hurt, but had a long night of fussing and I didn't want to go sit at the E.R. by myself (Rich was at work). So the next day he went with me to the Urgent care, and after thinking it was the opposite side, and possible rib, I was totally wrong and babying the wrong side entirely, probably causing more pain:( He is doing better, however still baby's it and does grimice if he is picked up wrong. He looks adorable with his little sling. And the jewelry box turned out fabulous if I do say so myself!

Labor Day

Labor day this year was low key but tried to think of something for the kids to do. Lunch at the mall, always a fav. Our fun neighbors came with us. Tori and I let the kids ride the carousel 2x. A very expensive event, at $3 a kid- crazy 90 second ride:o, BUT they had a blast and that's what matters right? It was Ivy and Ashton's 1st time and they LOVED it, and were very sad to get off. We got See's lollipops, butterscotch of course and took the girls to Tinkerbells to let them pick out a necklace. All had a great time, even Logan was a trouper! It was kind of funny, when we got off the elevator, I heard a young kid say, wow that was a lot of kids! And it is, but they are great kids!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Never fail, when one of my babies is missing, I always know where they are, and sometimes it's both of them together. They love to get back in the laundry room, locking the door behind them and devour as fast as possible Dixie's dog food. Gross!!! Disgusting!!! WHY on earth would they want to do that? When Ivy was Ashton's age, she would go and get 1 piece and put it in her mouth and come show me and say "mmmmmm, nummy!" At least they are completely predictable. They are partners in crime, or at least disgusting behavior.