Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A great day!

We saw something pretty in the desert! You don't see this very often .
We decided to go to Rich's favorite riding place, Sycamore Creek because there was water and especially since no one is out there during the week. He used to go out there riding with a buddy from high school all the time, and this was their "secret spot." It was really pretty, but their secret is safe with me, I couldn't remember how to get there to save my life.
We loved riding through the water!!!
We ended up riding a rough trail, about 30 miles round trip. There were some parts that were crazy hard to get up, but Rich always figures a way. I was a bit scared at first to go up hills that were steep at all, but after riding a while and learning the machine better, I got the hang of it, and it's so fun!! I'm ready to go again!!
I was showing off doing donuts, just trying to compete, he is better!

Thanks to Rich for always planning fun times!! And thanks to a dear friend for watching our little ones, thank you Tori!! Rich took me riding all by ourselves, no kids begging for rides, no crying whining or fighting for a whole afternoon, hurray!! We went out for about 5 hours, and I think that's the longest turn I have ever had :) You gotta love my hair, I tried to refuse wearing a helmet, but the paramedic side of Rich said no way!! I borrowed Logan's get-up, I think pink for me would be better. But I still looked official;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time to catch up

Well lots has happened and I don't ever post, I feel like I never have a minute to sit down. I feel like I have been extra busy and wiped out. 2 toddlers is what I will blame it on, not to mention just having 6 kids, the laundry alone is a full time job! it's a good excuse anyway;) Logan turned 16, can you believe it? He got braces put on the day before his birthday, so he was a little bit miserable that day. I was going to throw him a big party, but there seemed to be a lack of interest, he says he doesn't know any girls to invite. It was also that he and his friends wanted to go to a dance that night. I won't complain about that, just buys us some more time;) He hasn't been on a date yet, I think he is waiting for the license first, which will be awhile, we are going to make him wait a bit. He is a great young man and is really growing up way too fast. It's been a weird reality for me. It WAY crept up on us!!