Thursday, August 21, 2008

This year has flown by already! The most eventful thing this year is welcoming Ivy Camille into the world. She has been a lot of work and even more fun!! After a few months of colic, diet adjusting for mom, and adjusting to having 5 kids, we are back in the swing of things and back in the fast pace of life.

Rich took the boys Turkey Hunting. Believe it or not Carson was really in to it and probably the quietest one!!

The kids started school Aug. 11. It's hard to believe it's already that time. We had a great summer. We had a week of camping with family and great friends and a lot of fun memories for all of us. Camping is a huge part of our life. The kids love it, Rich could probably be happy living in the woods, and I really love the slow pace (sitting on my rear) without the phone, errands, and enforcing chores.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! Glad to see you have a blog! Its a fun way to keep in touch. At the rate we see you it may be the only way we get to see each other kids. Ha ha! Hope you guys are doing good!