Friday, April 3, 2009

A Dad with a Kite

Rich is the best dad ever. He is always thinking of fun things for the kids to do, to make such fun memories!! The kids think he is the greatest!! (and so do I)


Sankat said...

ahhh how sweet!! I bet the kids love it!

CeCe said...

Your kids are the best too! Don't think their mom is too bad either! Smile.

Shellee said...

Ya, he's a great dad.

Sankat said...

6 months ago that stroller was at baby depot for $130 ish. NOW they don't have it at all :(
Here is the stroller, but it isn't as cheap and it isn't at baby depot. Not sure if they would have it in the baby depot store or not.

Sankat said...

that link didn't work...lets try again. If it doesn't work, I will post the link on my blog.