Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good riddins' ya loonies

School started Yeah! We were all ready!

Logan started High School, I can't hardly believe it! He has A-hour for the 1st time, it comes painfully too early for me. Fortunately for me, I pick up after school only, gotta love carpool:)

Paij started Jr. high, a big 7th grader. She was nervous, but so cute and brave and loved the 1st day

Sydney started 5th grade, and got the teacher she wanted, so far all the kids have had Mr. Daniels and have loved him! She was happy, but hot as she got off the bus.

Carson started 1st grade, all day for the 1st time, he informed me he is ready, we'll see how it goes. He also got off the bus happy but sweating to "death!"

Ivy and Ashton fortunately for me are home for a few more years, and took a really GREAT nap for the 1st time in awhile. I even had to wake them up to pick up the high school carpool.

I had a quiet, much needed day today, and was thrilled to see them after school!!


Sankat said...

OH my goodness...they have all done a lot of growing since I saw them last. I can't believe how old Logan looks! And Carson shouldn't be in 1st grade! My goodness!
You have beautiful kids, by the way.

Dana said...

Wow, HS Carpool! I can't believe it! And of course, they are all as cute as can be!

CeCe said...

All of these pictures are adorable. Loved seeing the ones of you and Rich on your trip --- Tripod and delay shoot??? You are so far ahead of me ! Smile