Sunday, May 8, 2011


Well we had a trip to the E.R. tonight. Ashton decided to learn how to climb out of the crib tonight, or rather fall. He broke both bones in the for arm. The good news is that the bones are lined up, no surgery and no setting the bones. They splinted it tonight and he should get a cool cast in about a week. He was so cute, when they asked him if he was a monkey, he said, u hu:). They gave him some gatorade in a cup with a straw, and he just kept saying, "a Ivy some juice," I seriously think it's adorable how both of them always think of each other.


Sankat said...

OUCH! Poor baby!

Cheryl said...

Oh man! Two broken bones from his fall? -And this was Ashton's second time to break a bone, right? Didn't he break his collar bone last year? Anyway, I'm soooo glad no surgery is needed!!! Poor guy!

P.S. That's so awesome that you and Rich have had a couple of neat excursions recently! How fun!