Friday, February 3, 2012

Logan's first prom

Logan decided to ask his friends sister, Emma to the mormon prom tonight. Since she lives down the street, I was able to be the annoying mom and take the expected pictures. Quite the first date!! He had a great time. He went with his buddies, Aaron, Devon, and Isaac, and a couple other guys, and their dates of course. They had a dinner over at Devon's house. I can't wait to get those pictures. Logan said it was decorated really beautiful. They had pizza, salad, and breadsticks, and then went on to the dance. I am really grateful he is such a great young man, and has wonderful friends who are such a great influence on him!! After I took the picture of Logan and his friends, I couldn't believe how much they looked like missionaries, wow only 2 years from now, that's crazy! I'm glad he had a good time!!

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