Monday, September 7, 2009

Ashton's blessing day

Ashton was blessed at church yesterday by his
wonderful daddy. What a sweet, and special
blessing! We had a spaghetti dinner afterwards
at our home with wonderful family. It was so
nice, everyone pitched in and worked together
and helped me so much! We have really been
blessed with wonderful family and appreciate all
their love and support! We are so grateful for Ashton and his sweet little spirit in our home.
He has brought great joy in our lives!


Shellee said...

Lindsey, you need to change your profile too.

Thanks for sharing this day with us.

Also, I sent you an invitation to my other blogpage.

Sankat said...

That is wonderful his blessing day was so fun.

Jenny Knudsen said...

It was a lot of fun seeing your family again. I love seeing the closeness that you have with your sisters. They are great. It was wonderful and thank you for the lunch. It turned out wonderfully.

Nelson Family said...

He's so beautiful!