Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Binkie swapping

Ivy is constantly swapping Ashton binkies, it's hysterical. He seems to usually have some girlie, flowery binkie in, and miss Ivy has the boy one. Whatever, at least he matches!! When she is done with the one in her mouth she shoves it back in his mouth. I guess if one is going to get sick, the other will be sure to follow. Luckily that hasn't happened ........yet!!!


Jenny Knudsen said...

I noticed this when I was at your house. It is so cute! At least she is taking care of her baby brother right? :)

The Duxbury Family said...

I just love this photo of Ashton!!! Lindsey, you are so right...at least he matches! lol. I love it! I just loved seeing Ivy in binkie swapping action when I was there last. Too cute!

Thomas Family said...

That's hysterical!!!! What a cute picture and I love that Ivy is taking care of her baby brother. :)