Friday, October 23, 2009

We took the kids camping in Sept. It was really fun, I was kind of surprised how much I enjoyed it, since no one else could go up that weekend with us. I really enjoyed being with Rich and the kids, just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful forest. We never go by ourselves, we always love to go with family, and/or friends. I even got to ride the quads this time, last time was a bummer, I was glad not to be "broken" this time. In fact it made lots of things much easier!! Syd and I played chinese jumprope, I forgot how fun that is! Rich is so awesome, he always thinks of fun things to do with the kids, he is the greatest dad ever! Our kids really love to watch Survivor man on Discovery Channel. They decided to make a "survivor man" shelter, they had so much fun doing it. It looked so AWESOME! It was fun to see them all work together. About a month later, Sean and Tracy went there and saw it, they told us someone had been there and built something there, little did they know it was just us! Sydney found a really cool stick that she thought looked like a torch and was convinced if she could just light it we could put it next to our tent and have light all night. I think she was pretty disappointed that she barely got it to stay lit for a picture, adorable!

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The Duxbury Family said...

I'm so glad you guys got to camping...and with just you and Rich and the kids too! How fun! It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful experience for the whole fam! I love the photos!!