Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ashton's 4 1/2 month check up

Well just as I thought, Ashton is BIG especially for 1 of our babies. He was 17 1/2 pounds and 27 1/2 inches long. He is in the 95% for height, and 75% for weight and his head circumference. Wow, maybe he will be TALL! He had an ear infection though, I felt so bad that I had no idea, he has had no fever, a little bit irritable, but he also was cutting 2 teeth. He got 4 shots, and hardly cried at all.
Paij went for a well check today at the same time. She was in the 35 % for height, and 50% for weight. Dr. Jones said she hasn't hit her growth spurt yet, we can cross our fingers, she has to make it to at least 5 foot. He said not to worry! She had to get 6 shots, she was terrified. She got the regular 11 year old shots, the H1N1 and regular flu, her arms are sore! Our Dr. is so great, I completely trust him and value his opinion 100%. That is a nice feeling!

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shaunandammie said...

Ashton is keeping up with Max! Big boys are the best!