Sunday, November 1, 2009

Harbertson's ward carnival

We went to the annual 6th ward carnival, the kids love it so much. This year we brought along our neighbor Caroline, who we love. Ivy was a cheerleader, Carson a baseball player, Syd miss America, Paij, the homecoming Queen, Caroline was Cruela Devil sp? Ashton was a baby, haha! (I can get away with it this year!) My parents were in charge of the party this year, and were a crackup, hippies! The kids love the cotton candy the most, it's their fav. There is also fresh popped popcorn, and a chili cook off, a pie eating contest and lots of games and even horse rides. I couldn't believe Ivy did both the face painting and got on the horse, anyone that knows our kids know they really don't like having anything to do with strangers, very shocking she let a stranger pick her up and put her on the horse! I'm kinds bummed that the pictures didn't turn out better, night and the flash and kids moving, oh well! We had a blast and can't wait till next year!

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