Thursday, March 18, 2010

Logan's Birthday

He is very athletic, loves the outdoors, and is currently on his track team for his school and is very buff !!!:)

CArson looks toward his big brother all the time and loves him so much!

He loved when Baby Paij was born!!

It was Logan's birthday on Friday, March 12. He had a great day and when i went to pick him up for carpool i had already picked up donuts from Krispie Cremes and the three boys scarfed a whole box down!! After that at around 5 Grandie and Papa picked him up for his sleep over and took him out to Red Robin. Logan said he ate a lot there!! Then they took him to spend his money (he didn't want a present from us, only money) and he got a pair of shoes, a shirt, shorts, and a belt. They went home and watched a movie. Logan worked all day for Papa and had a good time. We all love him and are glad Logan is in our lives!!


CeCe said...

It is so hard to believe it has been 15 years since this precious boy named Logan came to this earth. I vividly remember him wanting you to hold him when you would do my hair while still living at your mom's. Where do those years go? What cute pictures you have through the years to mark his growth. Next year it is 16--YiKeS!

The Zoo Keeper said...

Logan is an awesome kid and we are so grateful to have him a part of our lives too! I love the pic with Ash!! Too cute:)

Shellee said...

Wow! I always think he's older than he really is. I love this boy/man-to-be.

Happy Birthday dear Logan.