Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ever since the Brunsons got that teeter-totter the kids (mostly the girls) have had a lot of fun on it.
Ivy loves to tackle him!:)

I love this picture!!:) They are so cut together.
Ashton loves playing with grass!

Over the past few weeks Ashton has been learning to crawl!!! He is all over the place all the time!!! He is a very drooly and busy boy!! He loves to be let go and crawl all over the floor. He learns a lot from Ivy and Carson loves to entertain him. Carson loves calling him "Bubba" and they are very good friends. Ivy calls him"Ash." We have to lock the bedroom door when Ashton is taking a nap because Ivy always wants to see if he is awake.:) She always is determined to wake him up (that usually calls for screaming!!) We love our Ashton boy and are so happy he is in our family!!

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