Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 21 Day 2 of Redwoods

We stayed at a campsite in the Redwood forest. It was a really cool campsite, right by the river. It was really nice. The campground host told us after we started setting up already that a black bear likes to wander around this part of the campground. At first, we thought it was kinda cool, until it got dark and we could hear it splashing in the water. Paij saw it walk right by our campsite and down to the river and had a panic attack. In the morning Rich saw the paw prints of the bear, scary!

Sydney gave me a small break from holding Ash, he is SO heavy, my arms hopefully will be really buff when we get back, I'm really worried that he is going to have a hard time when we get back, I have held him non-stop the entire trip. He is cutting all 4 molars and is extremely clingy to
only me, lucky me. It is sweet, just exhausting!!

This was a house inside of a tree, the kids thought was pretty cool.

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Shellee said...

I knew Carson was an awesome kid, but I'm pretty impressed that he was able to capture and ride a wooden bear. He never ceases to amaze me.