Friday, September 24, 2010


Never fail, when one of my babies is missing, I always know where they are, and sometimes it's both of them together. They love to get back in the laundry room, locking the door behind them and devour as fast as possible Dixie's dog food. Gross!!! Disgusting!!! WHY on earth would they want to do that? When Ivy was Ashton's age, she would go and get 1 piece and put it in her mouth and come show me and say "mmmmmm, nummy!" At least they are completely predictable. They are partners in crime, or at least disgusting behavior.


Shellee said...

I think you can understand what mom went through with me and your hubby only being 6 motnhs apart. It explains SO much.

Love you!

CeCe said...

So, should I start bringing dog food instead of suckers to Ivy? Smile ---

Nelson Family said...

that is funny!!