Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Labor Day

Labor day this year was low key but tried to think of something for the kids to do. Lunch at the mall, always a fav. Our fun neighbors came with us. Tori and I let the kids ride the carousel 2x. A very expensive event, at $3 a kid- crazy 90 second ride:o, BUT they had a blast and that's what matters right? It was Ivy and Ashton's 1st time and they LOVED it, and were very sad to get off. We got See's lollipops, butterscotch of course and took the girls to Tinkerbells to let them pick out a necklace. All had a great time, even Logan was a trouper! It was kind of funny, when we got off the elevator, I heard a young kid say, wow that was a lot of kids! And it is, but they are great kids!!

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