Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st day of school

Well the 1st day of school came too fast! Logan is in 9th grade, I can't believe it! He is loving seminary and I am so glad! Because of his leg he is an aid in the office instead of P.E. He really likes it because he can do all of his homework in there! Paij is in 6th grade! She loves her teacher and is always a great student! Syd is in 4th grade, and got a new hairdo for school this year, she says she is daring! It's so adorable. Mr. Carson started Kindergarden and we opted for 1/2 day. He had a few rough days going, but now loves it! The bus picks him up right in front of the house, a real blessing, given my current handicap! I truly miss them and am so glad each day when they get home! They are such great kids and I love them so much!

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