Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy gimpy summer

Well what a crazy summer! We are so loving our new addition to our family. When Ashton was just about a week old, My Grandpa "Boppa" passed away at 89 years old. This picture is on the way home from the hospital from having the baby. I wish I didn't look like such a bahama mama! Oh well. I was so glad to see him one last time!

A few days after the funeral I broke my ankle, the picture is when I took off the splint, I wanted to take a peak, gross! What a challenge it has been, I like to do everything for myself, and it has been very humbling, to have to ask for help in doing almost everything! I have had so many people help our family in so many ways, and we, especially I appreciate all of you who have helped us SO much! Between meals and rides and shopping, and helping get the kids ready for school, I am grateful. I am back on my feet 1/2 way, I still can't drive, hopefully that will be in a couple of weeks. My hubby has been so great, and the kids too! We went camping, despite the ankle, for 9 days, so fun, I will post that later. A couple of weeks ago Logan also broke his leg, got a fun ambulance ride to Phoenix Children's hospital, and had surgery. He is doing well, and is much more talented on crutches than I am. You know the saying, when it rains it pours, it poured at the Porter house this summer, but a lot of blessings we received also. One of the things that was really good for me was to realize I have to slow down and enjoy the kids and not over extend myself, SIMPLIFY!

The picture of Ashton is a couple of weeks ago, he is already bigger. I was afraid he would get really spoiled being held all the time, but I couldn't help it because I could, and I wanted to. But, so far so good! I started working again, and he is doing great, he still sleeps a lot, and loves the swing. Surprisingly, Ivy is doing well with him and it doesn't even seem to faze her at all that she isn't the baby anymore. She has done really well, but because I couldn't carry her at all, she has become VERY attached to Rich, and he has to be holding her constantly whenever he is home. He can't get anything done, and has joked about getting a backpack for her, so he can get a few things done in the little time he is home! Life is getting better, way better, and we are so glad!!!!


CeCe said...

Was so nice to see you up and running again -- ( well, at least on the computer! ) Please tell Logan not to get too fancy with his crutches. We don't want another accident! See you at one o'clock in September unless you hear otherwise!!!!!

Shellee said...

Love YOU! Tell Rich he'll have to change his last name to "thompsen".

Thomas Family said...

SO glad things are better! You look great and so does that sweet little baby. Take it easy and hang in there. :)