Thursday, August 27, 2009

New pics of Ashton

Well these are the most precious pictures of Ashton when he was 3 weeks old. My good friend took these, what talent! I am so excited and grateful to her!! I am grateful to my mom for the adorable blankets which we used for the backgrounds! She is always awesome to give us matching blankets and burp cloths, I sometimes just want a new baby to see what she will make, but rest assured, we are DONE! Yesterday he had his 2 month check up, I can't believe he is already that old! He weighed 12 1/2 pounds, and was in the 75% for height and weight. He also had an ear infection, which was sad, along with shots, it was a rough day for him. But, I was kind of relieved that something was wrong, and he wasn't just going to turn into a fussy baby, because he has been soooooo sweet, and calm, and if I do say so myself, I deserve a calm one after my little high maintenance Ivy!! Love her, but she is a lot of work! She is mellowing out as she gets a bit bigger. And I can't believe how much easier it is than I thought it would be having these 2 so close together. I guess she is too young to know she has been replaced as the baby!


Shellee said...

Those pics are so adorable. You might find having them so close together is easier as they get a little older.
I like the new title, way to be creative!

CeCe said...

Darling Pictures, Lindsey. You make the cutest babies in the world!

CeCe said...

Will you let me know if you got my email? I am not sure of your email address. Would you send it to me at I need to change my appointment for the 17th to the 21st. Sorry for posting this. Fondly, CeCe