Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 10 Glacier National Park

We wanted to take the kids to the edge of the U.S. just for fun. It would have been fun to cross over, but without our passports no can do. Ok seriously this was THE FAVORITE park, the most beautiful place we've ever seen, ever! Rich and I are already making plans to return here, flying in and staying at the amazing hotel here, no kids.:) We drove in and were completely bummed because the "going to the sun" road was not all the way open, still snowy. It was due to open on Wed. 2 days later. It was raining on and off, and real cold, the high was 40 degrees. We drove the whole 10 miles they allowed us and had to turn around. But it was so so beautiful. The park ranger who let us in, said to go and check out "Many Glaciers" with the entrance down the road a ways, which runs along the outside of the park. We weren't expecting much especially when we started down the road, in seemed bumpy and not kept up as well, until we went a ways. Oh my goodness! It was incredible! There was a lake and creeks and green and lush. We drove a ways and there was an awesome motel right at the lake, that made you feel like you were in Germany. It was so cool. We drove to the end of the road and there was a campground that was so pretty. I asked Rich if we could please camp down there, even though it was so cold, it was so pretty. We had no propane, no cash to pay, and no food to cook with no propane. The park ranger told us to check out the store down the road, a giftshop, and restaurant, perfect. ATM machine, Italian food, no propane, but Italian food. It was great! Our campsite was right next to a river, cold water and fast moving. It was so pretty. We watched the kids carefully and had the best night. We had enough propane to run the heater for awhile, and we played games to a flashlight. We had a blast! We woke up and had cold cereal, packed up and were on our way.

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