Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 6

These some pictures that we took at Jenny Lake in the Teton National Park. It was so incredibly beautiful, and dangerously full of bears, we didn't see any, but took all the precautions to not have any visit us in our camp. It was our 1st time staying at a campsite. The kids did not like it at all, they are not used to caming next to other people and can't believe people do that all the time. The view was amazing right from camp. The lake was a short walk away. I wasn't prepared for all this cold weather. It was windy and a high of 48 degrees during the day, and in the upper 20's at night. We bought a catalytic heater for the tent. Ashton was in the mummy bag with me, a little squishy, but nice and toasty warm!


Shellee said...

Hold up! You stayed at an actual campsite?!? You guys are the Grizzly Adams type of campers! Still, it looks like a ton of fun!

80 Porter Toes said...

Only because you can't dry camp with a car, backpacking only. I was fine with that though because I guess it's loaded with grizzly bears, too scary for me!!!