Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 18 Mount St. Helens area

Tiffany took us to the Mount St. Helens area where they have some really cool things. We saw some lava tubes, where trees used to be but were burned up by lave and left a tunnel that the kids could crawl through. They thought that was really cool.

Ivy even braved it as long as she could hold the flashlight. We then went to the Ape cave, also made because of lava, a huge cave. It was pitch dark damp and dripping and very cold. It was fun to go into. The kids love to explore, so it was perfect. Tiffany had to get Joseph back for soccer practice, but we decided to stay and meet them back at their place later that night. We wanted to go explore that area more. We saw such beautiful things. It was such a lush green area. We got a great view of Mount St. Helens. If we had more time it would have been fun to get closer at see more of it. There was a really pretty lake we checked out. I guess coming from the desert we always are amazed at the beauty of any natural water things. So many rivers, creeks, lakes, streams. So of course, more pictures. We found this field of the most beautiful wild flowers we have ever seen, and spent a lot of time taking lots of pictures. Rich downloaded these onto the blog, I wouldn't have put some of these on here (the ones of myself.) Paij was DONE. She didn't want to take anymore pictures. I'm hoping we may have gotten at least 1 good one with all the girls. We had a great day.


Tori said...

What fabulous pictures. You guys look like you are having the BEST time!! We miss you but are glad that you are having fun!!

CeCe said...

Well, it looks like on Day 18 everyone is still happy! I don't know how you all manage to look so cute after 18 days on the road!!! Must have something to do with Mom being a hair dresser! Smile.

girltrapped said...

i haven't checked your blog for about a week - wow! you guys are making such great memories. what a fun trip!