Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 12 Drive from Kalispell, MT to Vancouver, WA

Today we didn't do too much. We drove 9 hours from Kalispell to Vancouver Washington, stopping only when we had potty breaks or growling tummies. We tease Logan, calling him lolo the water buffalo, and had to stop for the picture of the lolo forest. Logan is always drinking tons of water, even on hikes when water needs to be conserved. In elementary school, he would do this at the drinking fountain also, even if there was a line behind him. One day a kid got annoyed and called him a water buffalo, and it has stuck ever since. Kids did good, a long day. We arrived at Rich's brother's house at 12:30 midnight. When we got here we found out that the trailer had a major problem....the bearings on one of the wheels burned out and after driving about 600 miles, we were extremely lucky that the wheel didn't fall off, and we arrived safely.

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Shellee said...

Did you know that Curt was born in Kalispell? Now you do.