Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 8 Yellowstone

This was an exciting day, saw some bears and the fav. was the mama grizzly with what it looked like 2-3 cubs. We saw a couple black bears too. We went and saw the mud geysers, uuggg they smelled SO bad. At one point we walked through a cloud of steam and I about vomited. I was very worried that I smelled like that, but I think the smell was just in my nose for awhile. I made the kids humor me and pose for a photo. Ivy didn't cooperate but oh well. We saw a beautiful waterfall, wow! We had Logan take the pic of us. Later when we looked at the picture Rich said that my shirt looks like a maternity shirt, rest assured it just looks like I'm pregnant. I'll be getting rid of that shirt for sure!

1 comment:

Shellee said...

I'm pretty sure the mud geysers couldn't have smelled any worse than Rich after eating a burrito would.

I don't think the shirt looks maternity, but if you really want to give it to me, that's fine by me!!!