Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 17, Day 3 of Depoe Bay, Oregon

We went back to the secret beach, this time to play around in the water. We decided to carry the stroller this time, a huge pain, but very worth it, my arms were thanking him the whole time. Ashton wants to get down the whole time, and eat the sand, gross. He is exhausting to hold, extremely squirmy, and it gets old fast. My arms better be very buff by the time we get back, no need to lift weights for awhile. Rich took a shovel and dug a great hole, they called the jacuzzi. The water was very cold, it almost numbed your feet, but the kids had a blast and even got in the water. Ivy loved loved the waves, squealing in delight.
Carson and Joseph played like crazy, giggling and being very goofy. We saw sea lions pop their heads up pretty close to the shore.

Brandon saw this ball and thought he would kick it out to sea. It looked a lot lighter than it was, and really hurt his foot. It was a buoy from a fishing net that washed up on the beach and was made out of thick hard plastic. Dan and Rich had to help him get over the hill where Dan had a wheelchair waiting for him. He thinks he might have broken his big toe, or at least jammed it pretty good.
We got cleaned up, loaded the car, and the kids and headed back to Vancouver. We stopped by the Tillamook cheese factory for cheese curd and ice cream. What a treat! We barely made it there in time, about 5 minutes before it closed....phew!

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Shellee said...

Please tell me that you shipped me some cheese! I love Tillamook Cheddar.