Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 15 Depoe Bay, Oregon

We headed down to Depoe Bay in Oregon with Dan and Tiffany and their kids. On the way we stopped at a fruit stand. Tiffany said that these strawberries called "hood" strawberries are the best. OK I thought I liked regular store bought ones but these are like biting into a piece of heaven. They taste like candy. The best thing I have ever tasted, wow! and definitely picture worthy!

Carson and Joseph had a blast playing together, cracking each other up and being silly.

The Oregon coast is so beautiful. I loved the contrast between the rocks and the water, and how the forest goes all the way down to the water, it's incredible. The beach house we stayed at was so great. It had these amazing paved paths through densely wooded areas that led out to cliffs overlooking the beach. I snuck out on Sunday while everyone was taking a nap and walked alone and listened to my book on the ipod and stared at the beauty of the waves crashing on the rocks. It made me feel so good! We walked to the "secret beach" with our very own tour guides. It was so cool, so different. It was covered with driftwood, it was so pretty. I had hoped to get a family pic. there where Aubrey and Syd are but we never ended up doing that.

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