Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Days 13 and 14 Vancouver, WA

The kids played with their cousins, each one had one around their age Brandon is a few years older than Logan, Bailey is 13, Aubrey is 10, Joseph is 5. Ivy and Ashton entertained everyone, since it's been a few years without a baby in their house. It was fun to see the kids all getting along. They were instantly buddies, they had a BLAST! Brandon was out of town the 1st couple of days so Logan was a bit bored but managed to find video games and movies. Rich and I just relaxed and visited with Dan and Tiffany. Rich spent some time calling around to repair places, and parts stores to figure out the trailer situation. We had a bbq that evening. They spoiled us with really YUMMY food! The little boys were cracking us up, they are 2 of a kind, liking all the same toys, same movies, same sound effects. I'm sure its partly and age thing, but it was sure fun to watch them play. The babies didn't quite know what to do not being strapped in carseats and had a bit of a time adjusting to new surroundings. They exercised their shrill screams that they so uniquely and annoyingly both have, I'm sure that they won't be missing that in their house once we are gone:)

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